SEIB Insurance Brokers unveils changes to horse insurance proposition

New brand ambassadors to become the face of enhanced options

SEIB Insurance Brokers unveils changes to horse insurance proposition

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By Mika Pangilinan

SEIB Insurance Brokers, part of the Benefact Group, has revamped its core and classic horse insurance options to offer budget-friendly coverage with premiums starting at less than £10 per month.

A Press release from the firm said the move is a result of an in-depth review of its policies and client feedback, which highlighted flexibility and affordability as top priorities for horse owners seeking insurance coverage.

With this change, SEIB’s core insurance policy now includes benefits such as the opportunity to receive a budget-friendly horse insurance quote in under five minutes, the option for horse insurance without requiring a vetting process, and the ability to adjust coverage levels.

The policy, which is focused on accidental external injury, also has the added benefits of no administration fees and interest-free payments, according to SEIB’s release.

As for its classic horse insurance policy, SEIB has introduced a 20% co-insurance component. Under this arrangement, the insurer covers 80% of a claim, while the client is responsible for covering the remaining 20% along with a fixed excess of £165.

“This allows our clients to have increased flexibility with a cheaper premium, coupled with the peace of mind of having comprehensive horse insurance,” said Steph Ellis, equestrian business services manager at SEIB.

Another adjustment made to the classic horse policy is the option for a higher excess of up to £750, allowing clients the flexibility to adapt to the specific requirements of their horses at different stages of ownership.

“With 60 years’ experience in the business behind us, SEIB’s updated horse insurance products now offer something for everyone, to suit all budgets,” said CEO Suzy Middleton. “Should the worst happen and a claim is needed, our clients know they can rely on a quick and efficient service from our award-winning claims team. In line with these changes, the SEIB website has been streamlined with an easy-to-digest table, setting out policy features in clear language.”

New brand ambassadors also announced

SEIB has also chosen new brand ambassadors: Emily Dobson (pictured left) of EMD Eventing and Tina Wallace (pictured right) of Life on the Left Rein.

According to SEIB, both Dobson and Wallace are long-standing clients and have experience with its core, classic and veteran policies.

As part of the firm’s efforts to introduce its improved policies, the two will host an exclusive meet and greet on the SEIB stand at Your Horse Live on November 10-12.

“Having had my horses and trailer insured with SEIB Insurance Brokers for over 10 years, I’m now absolutely thrilled to announce I'll be joining SEIB as their latest brand ambassador and I’m looking forward to the start of our new partnership,” said Dobson.

“It’s an honour to be associated alongside SEIB Insurance Brokers, who boast over 60 years of heritage and expertise in helping protect the equestrian community,” added Wallace. “I’m delighted to be joining SEIB as their new brand ambassador and I can’t wait to be joining Emily and the rest of the SEIB team at Your Horse Live.”

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