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The one TV programme that insurers dread

The one TV programme that insurers dread | Insurance Business

The one TV programme that insurers dread
“Do not try this at home” definitely does not apply to the Great British Bake Off (GBBO) as viewers are, in fact, encouraged to put their baker’s cap on while watching.

However, some sort of disclaimer seems in order as new research found an increase in cooking-related fires when the TV show is on air.      

Major insurer Zurich reported not only a 114% rise in claims for such incidents, but also a 40% claims hike for accidental kitchen damage. It added that the average cost of blaze-related repairs is over £11,000; for kitchen mishaps, nearly £1,700.

“The GBBO is inspiring amateur bakers across the country, but this has led to smoke in the kitchen as Brits perfect their Paul Hollywood showstoppers,” said Zurich when it revealed the findings of its claims analysis.

Zurich home insurance expert Phil Ost described the programme as an institution. “It has created a nation of bakers and this should not be discouraged,” he noted.

Ost added: “That said, the kitchen can sometimes be a recipe for disaster and, for aspiring pastry chefs, it’s vital to ensure you have the right cover and protect your kitchen against potential damage.”

On its website, the insurer also provided kitchen safety tips – including cleaning off fat and grease from the hob – to avoid or address fires related to GBBO-inspired baking. 

“At the end of the day, a soggy bottom is better than a burnt one and a lighter wallet,” commented Ost.

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