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UK P&I Club launches risk awareness guide

UK P&I Club launches risk awareness guide | Insurance Business UK

UK P&I Club launches risk awareness guide

A new risk awareness guide has been launched by marine insurer UK P&I Club.

The guide focuses on pollution claims and highlights the methods and procedures needed to minimise them. Among its focuses are the threats leading to pollution claims such as cargo loading and discharge, bilge and slop, hull/equipment failures, hose or pipeline failure, garbage/sewage disposal, ballast water, funnel emissions and bunkering.

Each threat is given a “score” section in which individual controls can be graded according to effectiveness. Once the scores have been attributed, controls will be provided to mitigate claims, such as emergency equipment and record keeping checklists. According to the insurer, the aim is to offer controls and ensure that threats and incidents do not take place.

The guide is the latest in a series being released by the insurer during the course of the year. It looks at a host of vessel types, including containerships, passenger vessels, bulk carriers and tankers.