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Wildlife rangers at risk without proper insurance cover

Wildlife rangers at risk without proper insurance cover

Wildlife rangers at risk without proper insurance cover If you’re an insurance broker then chances are you have been asked to cover some unusual risks over the years – but what about the idea of finding cover for a wildlife ranger?

According to a new report by WWF and the Ranger Federation of Asia, it seems that a large proportion of wildlife rangers are not able to find an insurance policy that will cover their high-risk lifestyle. It has revealed that 35% of government rangers do not have life insurance, 20% do not receive health insurance and 45% are without long-term disability cover.

The report spanned 40 countries worldwide and revealed that 63% in African countries are without life insurance, compared to 38% in Asia and 29% in Latin America. The figures come on the back of the International Ranger Federation revealing that there have been 107 deaths among rangers over the last year with 42% killed by poachers and 17% by wild animals.

Reported on by The Independent, Heather Sohl, WWF-UK’s chief advisor on wildlife commented on the risks that rangers face.

“We're not just losing animals but people are losing their lives too,” she said. “Rangers risk everything to protect our remaining wildlife yet our findings to date show they don't feel adequately equipped, trained or insured.”

Now there are calls for Governments to review their provision of insurance for rangers and to provide better training to ensure they can do their jobs as safely as possible.

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