Ageas announces support for "One Woman Army" Flood Mary

Videos and guides released to empower both brokers and homeowners

Ageas announces support for "One Woman Army" Flood Mary

Catastrophe & Flood

By Kenneth Araullo

In response to the escalating threat of flooding across the UK, highlighted by 2023 being recorded as the 11th wettest year since 1836 with rainfall reaching 111% of the UK average, Flood Mary, led by “One Woman Army” Mary Long-Dhonau OBE, has introduced an updated Flood Recovery Guide accompanied by a series of explanatory videos.

This initiative, developed in collaboration with UK insurer Ageas, aims to equip those affected by floods with comprehensive guidance and practical advice for navigating the recovery process.

Long-Dhonau, herself a former victim of flooding, has become a prominent figure in advocating for flood resilience and recovery. Recognising the persistent risk that floods pose to properties, she has leveraged her experience to create resources that offer critical insights and strategies for individuals and communities confronting the aftermath of flood events.

The guide and videos, sponsored by Ageas, are designed to empower homeowners and insurance brokers with the necessary knowledge to effectively manage the challenges of flood recovery, from initial re-entry into flooded properties to handling insurance claims and implementing measures to mitigate future flood risks.

To further support insurance brokers in assisting their clients through the immediate challenges post-flooding, Ageas will sponsor Long-Dhonau and Nick Lupton, another expert in flood recovery, to attend the BIBA Conference in Manchester.

Scheduled for May 15 to 16, 2024, their presence will be highlighted by the inclusion of the “Floodmobile,” a mobile demonstration unit showcasing contemporary flood resilience technologies. This initiative aims to provide a tangible learning experience for professionals in the insurance industry, enhancing their ability to guide customers through flood recovery efforts.

Long-Dhonau shared her personal motivation behind the creation of the Flood Recovery Guide, noting the profound impact that flooding has on individuals and communities.

“Nothing can truly prepare you for having stinking, filthy contaminated water enter your home. The Flood Recovery Guide has therefore been designed to offer a helping hand during these most bleak and challenging times. I am grateful for the support of Ageas in making this launch of the new edition possible. Together, we can provide crucial assistance to those in need,” she said.

The guide also serves as an important resource for both homeowners and insurance brokers, emphasising the importance of proactive flood resilience measures to safeguard properties against future incidents. This not only aims to restore affected homes but also to secure them against potential future threats.

Stephen Linklater, Ageas UK claims director, underscored the insurer's commitment to supporting flood-affected communities.

“Extreme weather is becoming more common and as one of the UK’s largest personal lines insurers, we’re continually looking at new ways we can better protect our customers. We hope this new Flood Recovery Guide and the explainer videos help people protect what matters most – their homes and families,” Linklater said.

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