Crawford becomes signatory to UK conduct code on AI use in claims

Group joins the likes of Allianz and CILA

Crawford becomes signatory to UK conduct code on AI use in claims


By Terry Gangcuangco

Crawford & Company has officially joined the ranks of organisations endorsing the ‘Code of Conduct for the Use of AI in Claims’ within the UK.

The voluntary framework seeks to ensure that the deployment of artificial intelligence in claims management is conducted with fairness, transparency, and accountability, among other things.

“With AI already being debated, delivered, and deployed in claims departments (and their suppliers) across the land, it is clear that the time for action is right now and not some indeterminate time in the future,” the Code of Conduct claims working group noted previously.

“Of course, there are many sectors of the insurance industry that are also already using AI – pricing, underwriting, counter-fraud, risk management and many others. However, as a voluntary collaborative body of expertise, we could not hope to cover all the bases and answer all the questions that the use of AI in the insurance world poses.

“Instead, we chose to focus on our primary area of expertise – claims and the supply chains that deliver a vast range of settlement services to individuals, SMEs, and corporates.”

In aligning itself with the Code, Crawford is joining a coalition of entities spanning insurers, law firms, claims managers, and insurtech companies that are keen to responsibly integrate AI into their operations. Current signatories include Allianz and the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters.

“We are pleased to pledge our support to this self-regulatory regime that resonates with Crawford’s considered approach to the adoption of AI and Generative AI,” international chief operating officer Lisa Bartlett (pictured) said.

“The ‘Code of Conduct on the Use of AI in Claims’ speaks to a healthy, cross-industry commitment to upholding the highest standards of ethics and transparency. Caution must be our watchword as we move forward with the adoption of GenAI, and the interests of our clients and claimants must be paramount.”

Meanwhile, the claims management giant is also in the process of coming up with its own conduct code while working to expedite the settlement of claims and improve customer service. The plan is to have prudent controls in place, such as mandating the meticulous review of machine-generated decisions by seasoned professionals to prevent inaccuracies and bias.

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