Lemonade UK makes claims record

Claim closed in two seconds, beating wider company's previous record of three seconds

Lemonade UK makes claims record


By Terry Gangcuangco

Lemonade UK has settled an insurance claim in two seconds, beating the three-second record held by Lemonade in the US.

The record-breaking settlement involved a stolen bike in London and the digital insurer’s claims bot known as AI Jim.

In the two seconds, according to Lemonade, AI Jim not only reviewed the claim but also ran anti-fraud algorithms. The near-instant process, to be considered closed, also included bank wiring instructions.

Prior to this two-second record, the number to beat was three, for a US claim.

At the time, Lemonade founder and chief executive Daniel Schreiber said: “Since no international standards exist for the payment of insurance claims, the Guinness Book of World Records was unable to enter Lemonade as the world record holder.

“Yet from all we can gather, in the 3,000-year history of insurance, nothing like this has ever happened in three seconds. So, we’re claiming the title.”

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