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Allianz reveals key drivers for fleet managers

Allianz reveals key drivers for fleet managers | Insurance Business

Allianz reveals key drivers for fleet managers

What’s driving the choices of fleet managers when it comes to selecting the vehicles that will make up their fleet? According to insurer Allianz, the cost of vehicle repairs is the key influencer.

In its new report, entitled ‘Fleet Managers, the pressures, challenges and opportunities,’ the company outlines the results of an independent survey with 71% noting that vehicle repair costs influence their choices. Meanwhile, 56% pinpointed being green as a key consideration.

Of note, while 53% think that advanced vehicle technologies will ultimately boost road safety, 70% either agreed or strongly agreed that technologies including parking sensors can actually de-skill drivers and be of detriment to a driver’s safety. In fact, 35% believe that insurance claims will increase as autonomous technology becomes more commonplace.

“As our roads and the vehicles using them change over the next decade these technological advances need to be used appropriately,” said Gerry Ross (pictured), head of motor, Allianz Insurance. “Fleet managers need to ensure that their drivers understand the capabilities of the vehicles to maximise the benefits the additional safety features bring. It’s important that fleet drivers use the available technology to their advantage to supplement their professional skills.”

Ross believes that insurers and brokers have a key role to pay in helping fleet managers tackle pressures and ensure the health and safety of drivers.

“Insurers and brokers are a great source of risk management information and support,” he said. “As well as providing advice to reduce risk, they can analyse claims data to help fleet managers prioritise where they should take action. Given the changes and opportunities ahead, it’s essential that fleet managers, brokers, insurers and vehicle manufacturers work together. By sharing knowledge, experience and insight it will ensure that fleet managers are able to minimise the risks and maximise the benefits for their fleets, their drivers and other road users.”