How to build a successful insurance career

'Rising Stars' share their top tips

How to build a successful insurance career

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By Mia Wallace

The publication of Insurance Business’s 2023 ‘Rising Stars’ report saw over 50 young insurance professionals recognised for their commitment to the UK insurance profession. As part of this report, Insurance Business surveyed these future leaders to learn and share their top tips on how to build fruitful insurance careers.

For Alicia Rodriguez Fernandez of Liberty Specialty Markets, building a successful career comes down to time and dedication.

“Working in insurance can also be really fun and rewarding,” she said. “It can give you the chance to travel around the world and work with people from different cultures and learn from them. It’s enriching.”

Rodriguez Fernandez noted that there is a great variety of opportunities and roles available across the insurance ecosystem, which will give young professionals the chance to explore the areas which will best suit their strengths and allow them to develop their careers.

For Tendai Msipa of Satinwood Underwriting there is a ‘golden rule’ for young professionals looking to get invested in their own careers.

“There is an open secret about the insurance industry: you are the most valuable asset because of your network,” he said. “They want someone who can go out and meet brokers and who can do the technical pricing or work behind the scenes. But ultimately, it’s about how you manage yourself under stress and are you able to communicate effectively?

“Those relationships will last forever because everyone in the insurance industry is in the so-called ‘square mile’. Everyone moves around in the square mile, and one of the things I’ve learned is the industry never forgets.”

Adding her insights into the building blocks of a successful insurance trajectory, PwC’s Deepti Vohra noted that those looking to make an impact should:

  • Be curious and open to new projects and ideas
  • Build networks internally and externally
  • Have a continuous learning mindset and try to gain experience across various areas to find where their skill set really shines
  • Seek out mentors who inspire and challenge

Discover more about Insurance Business’s Rising Stars of 2023 here.


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