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Allianz partners with global marine conservation group

Allianz partners with global marine conservation group | Insurance Business

Allianz partners with global marine conservation group

Insurance giant Allianz has formed a partnership with international marine conservation organisation Sea Shephard Global to support its environmental and animal protection efforts in the Mediterranean Sea.

The partnership is initially for two years and covers Italian coastal areas in the Mediterranean. Four Allianz companies are providing the funding for the newly acquired ‘Sea Eagle’ ship and its crew, which will be active in the disposal of nets illegally left behind by fishing boats.

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The US-based Sea Shephard Global has its own fleet of ships and works closely with governments and coastal protection in Africa, Asia, and increasingly Europe.

In a statement, Allianz said that the partnership continues its sustainability efforts and demonstrates its commitment to “clean oceans and coasts, biodiversity conservation, and sustainable fishing practices.”

“With targeted marine protection, 80% of the habitat of endangered animal and plant species could be protected,” said Barbara Karuth-Zelle, a member of the board of management for operations and IT at Allianz. “Healthy oceans also play a role in absorbing harmful climate emissions. As a responsible company, we want to work with Sea Shepherd to support effective marine conservation.”

Meanwhile, Giacomo Campora, chief executive officer of Allianz S.p.A. in Italy, added: “In Allianz Italy we are very active in the preservation of the environment and tackling plastic pollution in the Mediterranean Sea is a shared objective.”

“Allianz and Sea Shepherd share a mission, and that is a clean Mediterranean Sea,” said Alex Cornelissen, executive director of Sea Shepherd Global. “We want to work together to tackle plastic waste and also raise awareness about illegally left fishing nets. We also plan to make new and useful products from the used plastic.”