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‘Dishonest’ diarrhoea claim gets dumped

‘Dishonest’ diarrhoea claim gets dumped

‘Dishonest’ diarrhoea claim gets dumped You’ve probably heard the warnings about not posting too much on social media while on holiday – it turns out, you should heed those warnings if you plan to make a claim for falling ill.

That’s the lesson a holidaymaker from the UK learned the hard way after saying she had nausea and diarrhoea while on a luxurious trip, only to be countered by her selfies which told a different story.

A report by the Evening Standard said Marissa McLean filed a claim against the tour operator of her Egyptian holiday, alleging that the way her food was prepared at the hotel with poor hygiene caused her illness.

However, McLean’s social media posts contradicted her supposed condition at the time – what with all the photos and captions showing how she was enjoying her Thomas Cook excursion. One of the captions cited by the report read “little selfie before the pool party,” which accompanied a bikini shot.

McLean was ordered to pay £2,812 within three weeks after Judge Nadeem Khan found the claim “fundamentally dishonest”.   

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