Education clients seeking more guidance from brokers

Schools are a prime target for offenders, with four in five experiencing crime in past year

Education clients seeking more guidance from brokers

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By Kenneth Araullo

Research commissioned by specialist education insurer Ecclesiastical has revealed that more than half of schools (52%) believe they could benefit from additional guidance on crime and security risks from their insurer or insurance broker.

This figure represents an 11% increase from the previous year, indicating a promising opportunity for brokers to provide valuable support. Schools have become attractive targets for criminals, with a striking four in five (79%) reporting incidents of crime in the past 12 months, reflecting a 15% increase compared to the previous year.

The survey, conducted among 500 UK teachers, revealed that over a third (35%) of schools experienced anti-social behaviour, a 7% rise from the previous year. Furthermore, 31% reported incidents of graffiti, up 8%, and 28% faced trespassing, up by 4%.

The financial implications of these crimes are significant, with schools reporting an average cost of over £26,000 in the past year, double the amount from the previous year. Although the majority (88%) of schools have taken proactive measures to prevent crime in the past year, such as investing in CCTV, alarms, and security lighting, they are assessing crime and security risks less frequently. Half of teachers believe their schools need to do more to prevent crime.

“As one of the leading insurers of schools in the UK, Ecclesiastical is passionate about supporting the education sector,” Ecclesiastical customer segment director Faith Kitchen said. “Our research shows schools are a prime target for criminals and it’s concerning to see four in five have suffered a crime during the past year. Brokers play an important role in helping education clients understand the risks they are facing and in ensuring they have the right cover in place.”

“There are a number of measures schools can take to better secure school property and assets, which would ideally be a combination of both physical and electronic protection. Fencing around the perimeter can often offer a good first line of defence against unwanted visitors, while CCTV can act as a visual deterrent for those not wanting to be caught on camera,” Kitchen said.

A rise in crime is an issue that also affects other segments, most notably the high-net-worth sector. Earlier research from Ecclesiastical found that 22% of crimes experienced by high-net-worth (HNW) clients during the past year happened at their second or holiday home.

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