Insurance professionals called on to take part in dementia awareness initiative

Event to be held on June 22

Insurance professionals called on to take part in dementia awareness initiative

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By Mika Pangilinan

In an effort to raise awareness and address the challenges of dementia, Insurance United Against Dementia (IUAD) and the Insurance Charities have partnered with Alzheimer’s Society to hold a free online Dementia Friends information session.

The session aims to educate insurance professionals about dementia and provide practical advice on supporting individuals affected by the condition. It will take place on June 22 during Insurance Charities Awareness Week.

The goal of Dementia Friends is to change societal perceptions and behaviours towards the condition. The initiative is described as the “biggest ever” of its kind, aimed at transforming how the nation thinks, acts, and talks about dementia.

The upcoming online session will be facilitated by Alzheimer’s Society. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in discussions, ask questions, and receive practical advice and how they can take small, everyday actions to support those living with dementia and reduce the stigma associated with the condition.

The session is free to attend and will run from 12 to 1pm. Insurance professionals interested in participating can register for the session through this link.

“As an advocate for dementia awareness, I cannot stress enough the significance of the Dementia Friends initiative,” said Jo Coles, sales and client management at WTW and IUAD board member. “It has been a resounding success, fostering understanding and compassion for those living with dementia.”

“The best part is that anyone can become a Dementia Friend, and it’s absolutely free. With sessions being delivered online like this next one in June, it makes the opportunity easily accessible for everyone.”

The partnership between the Insurance Charities and Alzheimer’s Society dates back to 2018, when they began offering practical support to those affected by dementia and providing volunteering opportunities within the insurance community.

Similarly, IUAD has been actively raising awareness of dementia among insurance colleagues and raising considerable funds to aid those living with the condition since its establishment in 2017. It recently raised over £8 million for Alzheimer’s Society, with the proceeds going towards pioneering dementia research and life-changing support services.

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