SME risk management platform TrackMyRisks rolls out

New tool holds over 40 million incident records such as crime, data breaches, health and safety enforcements, product recall

SME risk management platform TrackMyRisks rolls out


By Louie Bacani

Continuity Partner, a service provider to small and medium-sized business, has unveiled a new risk management tool for the SME market.
Touted as “affordable, scalable and collaborative,” the newly launched TrackMyRisks is an online platform used for identifying and managing the business risks faced by SMEs.
Matt Hodges-Long, Continuity Partner co-founder and managing director, said SMEs cannot afford the cost of implementing, maintaining and developing a robust risk management program.
“Through automation we have taken the monthly cost from thousands of pounds down to tens of pounds, making enterprise grade risk management available to all,” Hodges-Long said.

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TrackMyRisks promises to provide a secure online environment to store essential risk documentation, warn of upcoming expiries, share management tasks inside or outside the organisation and provide a full audit trail of activity.
“An average SME client that we look after will have 40+ pieces of vital documentary evidence to support their risk management program. The consequences for a business and its management of accidentally letting one of these policies or certificates expire can be disastrous!” said Justin Porter, associate consultant at Continuity Partner.
“We have been running the TrackMyRisks risk management platform with our managed service clients for a few months now and it has massively reduced my workload.”
TrackMyRisks holds over 40 million incident records such as crime, data breaches, health and safety enforcements and product recall. These incidents can be created and displayed on maps and charts within the platform are available to be socially shared or embedded within reports.
New features and functions will be added later to TrackMyRisks to address even more of the risk management process, according to Continuity Partner.
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