Bravo Networks rolls out tools suite for members

Move aimed at boosting growth

Bravo Networks rolls out tools suite for members


By Terry Gangcuangco

Bravo Networks – the name behind Broker Network and Compass – has launched Bravo Insights, the primary tool in the group’s wider initiative for broker members called Bravo Accelerator.

Introduced today during the first day of the Bravo Networks annual conference in Birmingham, Bravo Insights is a data-driven, appetite-matching service that is focussed on placement-consolidation opportunities on a case-by-case basis.

The new tool, highlighted Bravo Networks, will enable brokers to have a clear placement strategy – a Financial Conduct Authority requirement – while offering insurer partners a more efficient way to trade with local or community brokers.

Tools package

Aside from Bravo Insights, other components of the Bravo Accelerator tools suite are Bravo Digital Trader, Bravo Navigator, Bravo Specialisms, and Bravo Personal Lines Hub. All are now available for use, except for Digital Trader which will be unveiled in the summer.

“Bravo Accelerator is the biggest transformation to how networks add value across the market in the last 20 years,” declared Bravo Networks managing director Scott Bennett in an emailed statement. “Accelerator will empower member brokers and insurer partners alike.

“Our members join us because they want to be part of something bigger – to connect, learn, and take advantage of everything the network offers. To secure the biggest possible influence in the market, they need to work with our strategic insurer partners to consolidate their books, driving strength in numbers to get the best outcomes for themselves and their clients.”

Supported by the likes of NIG, Bravo Accelerator is aimed at offering members a range of data, trading, and service-driven technologies and services to boost growth.

What do you think of this member-exclusive offering? Discuss in the comments below.

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