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CFC announces insurtech acquisition

CFC announces insurtech acquisition | Insurance Business UK

CFC announces insurtech acquisition

Specialist insurance provider CFC is jumping on the insurtech bandwagon in its latest deal, announcing today that it has acquired London-based insurtech ThreatInformer.

ThreatInformer helps insurance companies better understand their customers’ exposures by leveraging big data and machine learning to gather information about their risk profiles from various external sources, according to a press release.

CFC will integrate ThreatInformer technology with its own tech to improve the underwriting process and pinpoint patterns in claims data to assist in the prediction and prevention of client losses.

“Putting technology and data at the heart of everything we do is what sets CFC apart and is critical to staying competitive in today’s market,” said CFC CEO Dave Walsh. “Bringing ThreatInformer’s unique technology in-house was a natural next step for us and builds on a number of exciting projects already underway.”

This is the second acquisition that CFC has made in the past six months – it also acquired incident response firm Solis Security.