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CII collaborates with the Southampton Data Science Academy

CII collaborates with the Southampton Data Science Academy | Insurance Business UK

CII collaborates with the Southampton Data Science Academy

The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) has partnered with the Southampton Data Science Academy (SDSA) on the development and launch of a new educational course for insurance professionals.

The new CII introductory-level course will help develop professionals’ understanding of data analysis, data visualisation techniques, ethical approaches to AI, and data science techniques for insurance.

“Data science and AI are helping insurance companies improve customer service and products; provide more detailed and insightful analysis; make better decisions and predictions and improve efficiency via automation, algorithms, better pricing and modelling,” said CII CEO Sian Fisher.

“People are increasingly being asked to work with data in their roles. Those who understand its potential are well-placed to drive innovation,” Fisher added. “Data resides across various silos and teams within most businesses. Increased data literacy drives teamwork and innovation.”

Fisher also commented that the new course is ideal for insurance professionals that are looking to develop a better understanding of data science and AI capabilities.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with the Chartered Insurance Institute in the piloting of this new course, and confident that the cutting-edge expertise we bring in data science and AI will enable more insurance professionals to succeed in an increasingly digital world,” said Dame Wendy Hall, UK AI Skills Champion who led the development of the course.

The new course will be delivered over six weeks, with a module tackled per week through a combination of online teaching, weekly group tutorials, and one-on-one sessions totalling 4-6 hours a week. A digital certificate – co-branded by CII and SDSA – will be issued three to four weeks after a professional finishes the course.