Polaris adds fifth broker system to imarket

Integration broadens product access for major insurers

Polaris adds fifth broker system to imarket


By Mika Pangilinan

Polaris has announced that Bravo Digital Trader is now the fifth broker system to integrate with imarket, expanding product access for major insurers such as RSA and Zurich through its network members.

Simon Bloomfield, Polaris’ head of imarket, commented on the addition of Bravo Digital Trader and said it is part of the platform’s long-standing goal to facilitate more effective trade between insurers and brokers.

“The recent launch of Bravo Digital Trader increases Bravo members’ choice on how they digitally trade and compare products from insurers and we’re really proud to have supported such an important launch,” he said.

The integration into imarket is streamlined thanks to insurers typically adhering to Polaris Standards, allowing new and emerging broker systems to deploy insurer products in a straightforward manner.

In his statement, Bloomfield also noted a growing interest from insurers and Managing General Agents (MGAs) to extend their distribution through imarket.

“We are seeing an increased interest from insurers and MGAs in extending their distribution via imarket into new and existing distribution channels and we hope to announce more integrations into imarket in due course,” he said.

Latest integration a “milestone moment”

David Haddock, head of digital insurer partnerships at Ardonagh Advisory, offered further insights on the operational efficiencies gained through imarket’s latest integration. 

“In order to enable us to deliver the innovative Digital Trader product for Bravo Networks members, we needed efficient access to insurer products and imarket allowed us to swiftly gain access to insurer products which plugged straight into the system,” said Haddock. “This really helps to support our fast-paced delivery programme for both products and insurers.”

Rob Flynn, RSA’s commercial lines chief transformation director, also commented on the benefits of the integration.

“Using imarket to support this commercial distribution initiative has helped us get product to the market in a speedy and consistent way,” said Flynn. “We look forward to continuing to work with Bravo to develop their Digital Trader proposition over the coming months.”

Meanwhile, Nikki Lidster, Zurich’s head of SME trading, referred to the launch of Bravo Digital Trader as a “milestone moment within the digital trading industry.”

“This new e-Trade offering is a real game changer and we’re really excited to be part of this development with Bravo,” said Lidster. “We are also pleased to have enabled Live-Chat on Digital Trader which gives brokers further access to our Underwriters when they need us. We look forward to the further opportunities this will bring to our partnership with Bravo Networks.”

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