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Development underwriter    
Age: 24

Harvey Patey-Ford began his insurance career in 2012 by conducting research into the role of innovations within the insurance industry, focusing on methods to develop an environment that cultivates creativity.

As a result of his knowledge and research, Patey-Ford was invited to present his research at the 2015 annual ARTEM Organisational Creativity International Conference in France.

Working predominantly in the real estate insurance market, he has been instrumental in providing insurance solutions for some of London’s iconic developments, as well as recently playing a critical role in securing CLS’s largest piece of business in the company’s history.

However, Patey-Ford’s most revolutionary contribution to the insurance industry to date has been combining data analysis with underwriting procedures in order to deliver effective insurance solutions to high-level corporate real-estate transactions.

He has a long-term vision to establish a natural synergy between automated data analysis and long-standing underwriting expertise, and his determination, passion and charisma help drive himself and his company forward.

Company Information

  • CLS Risk Solutions
  • 5th Floor, St Paul's House, 8-12 Warwick Lane, London, EC4M 7BP

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