Joseph S. Clabby, Chubb

Joseph S. Clabby, Chubb

Vice president, Chubb Group
Chairman, Chubb Bermuda
Executive vice president, North America field operations


After beginning his career at a large commercial bank, Joseph Clabby became intrigued by the insurance industry while working toward his MBA in finance and decided to head down a different path. “Insurance is a part of the fabric of conducting business throughout the world,” he says. “I have always enjoyed the variety of experiences and opportunities that the industry offers, including the idea that no two risks are ever the same.”

Thirty-four years later, Clabby is considered a global expert in the field. In addition to his roles as vice president of Chubb Group and chairman of Chubb Bermuda, Clabby also serves on Chubb’s North America field management leadership team, focusing on product expansion, distribution and cross-sell initiatives in the organization’s regional and branch operations. Prior to ACE’s merger with Chubb in 2016, Clabby served as division president of ACE Bermuda and global accounts.

“The challenges of this industry are never-ending,” Clabby says when asked what keeps him interested in the business. “Just when you think you have figured things out, you realize there is always something new to learn. And most importantly, the colleagues I get to work with and the relationships I have and continue to develop are invaluable.”