Apex : Everything you need to know

Apex Insurance: Everything you need to know as of 2019
In operation: 25+ years
Types of services: Insurance brokerage
Offices: Auckland, Christchurch
Team: 28

Apex Insurance is an independent insurance broking company based in Auckland with an office in Christchurch, and it has a nationwide reach through its 28-strong team of managers, brokers and claims handlers.

Apex differentiates itself by not being restricted by “old traditions and archaic systems thought up in London,” instead cutting through red tape and presenting its offering in plain English terms that customers can easily get to grips with.

“Like many success stories, ours started with an idea,” Apex states. “How could we protect kiwi businesses if we didn’t truly understand them? If we didn’t get out from our corporate ivory tower and actually walk in their shoes for a day? So that’s exactly what we did 25 years ago. We got out and started our own independent broking company – Apex Insurance.”

Since its start, Apex has purchased a number of brokerages and extended its range of services to offer personal risk management advice around life insurance, investments and mortgages.

Apex Insurance in the news
2014: Apex Insurance becomes a CarboNZero member and installs GPS tracking in company vehicles
2014: Apex Insurance kick-starts next stage of growth and seeks out business partners
2015: Apex Insurance seals two joint venture deals

Key people as of 2019

James McGhie – Managing Director
McGhie has over 20 years’ experience in the insurance industry, and has spent time working in insurance companies across London and the Middle East. Prior to his time at Apex, McGhie was the director of another international insurance brokerage and has had a number of New Zealand regional sports associations on his client roster. He also has significant expertise in film and property.

Jill McMillan – Director
McMillan has been active in the insurance industry for over 26 years, having started her career at Royal Insurance in 1985. She became a business partner at Richard Burrows Insurance Services in 1997, which was later incorporated into Apex General in 1999.

Darrin Madgwick – Head of Broker Operations
Madgwick worked for insurance companies and as a broker in Australia for 10 years before moving to New Zealand, and now has over 18 years’ experience within the insurance sector. His clients have come primarily from the construction, earthmoving, civil construction and heavy transport sectors.

Conrad Rupp – Head of Claims
Rupp held a number of claims and broker roles before becoming the head of claims at Apex, where he now focuses on proactive claims resolution. He was one of the first in the team to respond to the 2011 Canterbury earthquakes, and works to ensure the best possible support for clients during the stressful time of making a claim.

Julian Clarke – Director, Christchurch branch
Clarke has commercial experience across a broad area of financial services, and was previously a lawyer and managing partner at one of New Zealand’s largest law firms before becoming an insurance broker.

Apex Insurance’s affiliations include the following.

CarboNZero: A certifier for greenhouse gas footprint measurement and emission reduction.

Sustainable Business Network: An organisation providing members with networking opportunities, practical tools, training and assessments to help them become more sustainable.

Million Metres Streams Project: A non-profit project aiming to restore New Zealand’s waterways, metre by metre. Its aim is to reach a million metres.

Panasonic People’s Triathlon Series: Auckland’s longest running triathlon series. Each event supports a wide range of abilities, enabling participants to race as competitively or recreationally as they like.

Apex : In the news