Broker shares the secrets of two years of success

Who says brokers can't get ahead in today's environment?

Broker shares the secrets of two years of success

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By Paul Lucas

In today’s modern world of comparison websites, insurtechs and disruptors, we’re constantly told that insurance brokers will struggle to survive. What chance then would an insurance brokerage have if it only started its life two years ago?

Apparently, a very good chance – at least if your name is Riviera Insurance.

The local insurance broker, based in Torbay, in the South West of England, has just reached its two-year milestone with founder Kevin Davis (pictured) telling Insurance Business that it’s been a team effort to survive and thrive.

“We have a strategic business development and growth plan, it’s all mapped out and we are hitting all our goals along the way,” he said. “The absolute key though has been the dedication of the team and the support of the local business’s we work with.”

The company, which describes itself as a taxi and minibus insurance specialist, reached its two-year milestone in Torbay on March 16 but was actually established back in 2015 through a team of directors who have spent years building insurance brokers.

“My initial venture into insurance started through a Hill House Hammond Insurance training scheme in 1979 as a fresh-faced Welshman,” explained Davis. “Within five years, I made it as a branch manager of the Newport Offices.

“In 1990, I set up the partnership of Bryce Owen Davies specialising in personal lines insurance, commercial insurance, public and private hire insurance and financial services. This then led to the creation of Taxi Direct Insurance Services in 2002 which proved popular and was quickly followed by Motor and Home Direct Insurance Services to help capitalise on the popular brand they had already created.

“Motor and Home Direct was eventually sold and enabled us to start again with Riviera Insurance Service.”

According to Davis, having a clear specialism has been important in the company’s success story – allowing it to differentiate from competitors and hold its own in the land of comparison websites. However, it is not the only reason for the firm’s success.

“It is extremely important to be reactive in the ever-changing markets,” he said. “Riviera establishes opportunities from our clients for additional markets, we do also pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop and will always try to accommodate our clients’ needs.”

“I believe it’s about building strong relationships with insurers, customers and your staff,” he added about achieving success in the marketplace. “Our relationships are built on trust, transparency and a ‘get it right first time’ attitude. We show determination and dedication with everything we do.”

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