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Headquarters: Hexagon House, Grimbald Crag Close, St James Business Park, Knaresborough, HG5 8PJ, United Kingdom

Size (employees): 150

Memberships: 2

Insurer partners: About 30

Expertise: Insurance broking

Key people: Scott Bennett (managing director), Kevin Westcott (development director), Rachel Longbottom (head of service performance and innovation), Lewis Hetherington (senior finance business partner)

About Bravo Networks

Bravo Networks is one of the UK’s leading insurance brokerage services providers, operating two of the country’s largest regional brokers – Broker Network and Compass. It is a part of brokerage giant Ardonagh Group, which acquired the company in 2021. Bravo Networks also holds partnerships with some of the industry’s prominent names, including:

list of bravo networks partners

Bravo Networks memberships

Bravo Networks consists of two of the UK’s biggest networks of independent regional brokers. These companies are:

1. Broker Network

Broker Network leverages its long-standing relationships with a panel of more than 30 partner insurers, industry bodies, and 550 independent broker members to provide a range of specialist services. These include:

  • Marketing: From full start-up branding, tailored websites, and bespoke marketing campaigns to a smart self-service platform supported by insurer capability
  • TOBA management: Management and negotiating of standard terms of business agreement (TOBA) on members’ behalf
  • Data & insights: Data modelling to allow performance analysis and benchmarking and help guide strategic changes
  • Risk & compliance: From audit checks to full consultancy backed by guidance on changing regulation and compliant templates and toolkits
  • Systems support: From initial set up and training to smart best practices, with access to compliant templates maintained on the members’ behalf
  • Learning & development: Development services for junior talent to future leaders, including an online platform that monitors CPD and compliance requirements
  • Client money: Risk management services for this highly regulated and specialised area, including completion of client money bank reconciliation and insurer payments
  • Human resources: Advice and consultancy covering the full employment lifecycle
  • Placement support: Guidance on insurance risk appetite

2. Compass

The Compass Network aims to help members develop strong commercial relationships with insurers, as well as help them explore new business opportunities. It follows a financially focused model that enables brokers to increase their profit margins efficiently.

Leadership at Bravo Networks

Scott Bennett – Managing Director

Bennett boasts more than 30 years of industry experience, starting his career at a local brokerage in Doncaster via a YTS scheme. He has since built significant industry knowledge and connections through several regional and national roles. Bennett has been working in the network space for more than a decade.

Kevin Westcott – Development Director

Westcott joined the network from insurance giant Aviva. Having worked closely with the business for quite some time, he came on board with a sound knowledge of what the deep value networks could offer independent broker members. Westcott has over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry.

Rachel Longbottom – Head of Service Performance and Innovation

Longbottom is responsible for ensuring that the network’s in-house services “retain a laser focus” on members’ business needs. Her experience across the financial sector has allowed her to lead several change programmes to drive business benefit, including designing and implementing an interactive learning and development platform, which has won several industry awards.

Lewis Hetherington – Senior Finance Business Partner

Hetherington oversees all aspects of Bravo Networks’ finances. He delivers “on-the-ground” financial advice on pathways for growth and development. Hetherington boasts over 15 years of financial management experience, having previously held roles at the Ardonagh Group, Tusker, and UK General Insurance.

Culture at Bravo Networks

Bravo Networks has built a strong foundation for its company culture through three aspects:

  • Innovation: The network continuously strives to come up with “state-of-the-art solutions” by encouraging their people to explore new possibilities.
  • Diversity & inclusion: The firm is devoted to providing equal opportunities at every level.
  • Strong values: The network holds one another to account to ensure that it delivers the best services possible.

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