Brokers feeling the impact of delayed commercial motor repairs

Poll points to supply chain challenges and misaligned client perceptions

Brokers feeling the impact of delayed commercial motor repairs

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By Terry Gangcuangco

Direct Commercial Limited’s (DCL) new Broker Barometer has revealed widespread frustration among brokers, with most reporting that policyholders are still facing significant delays in claims repairs across the haulage and broader commercial motor sectors.

According to DCL’s survey, 85% of brokers find their clients encountering delays in vehicle repairs post-claim. The managing general agent pointed out that the delays not only disrupt operational efficiency but also pose significant challenges for brokers in terms of managing client expectations and maintaining satisfaction levels.

A major factor compounding brokers’ woes is the misperception among policyholders regarding the source of the delays. While 47% of policyholders recognise that supply chain issues, exacerbated by UK inflation, are often to blame, the remaining 53% hold insurers or brokers responsible.

Commenting on the findings, DCL’s Carl Cripps said: “We are committed to supporting brokers and policyholders with navigating these challenges. Our focus remains on ensuring that claims processes are streamlined and a better understanding of the factors contributing to delays in vehicle repair is fostered.

“Our quarterly claims review meetings with both broker and policyholders are essential to that. These enable us to discuss ongoing claims so that brokers and policyholders remain informed, and there is more transparency around our processes.”

In terms of growth prospects, DCL recently cited increased confidence among brokers. Based on the MGA’s Broker Barometer, 93% of brokers expect further expansion this year. The poll found that 83% of brokers enjoyed business growth in 2023, with more expressing optimism moving forward.  

“Complexities continue to exist, and navigating them requires expertise; we are committed to sharing our knowledge and experience with more brokers as we continue to advance on our strategic path,” DCL deputy chief executive Joe Hantson stated earlier this month.

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