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Who’s the most dangerous sibling behind the wheel?

Who’s the most dangerous sibling behind the wheel? | Insurance Business UK

Who’s the most dangerous sibling behind the wheel?
It looks like middle children aren’t the problem kids they’re usually known as – at least not when it comes to driving, according to a Privilege Car Insurance study.

A Daily Mail report said Privilege – British provider of telematics insurance known as DriveXpert, which offers discounts to ‘safe’ drivers – looked into the driving habits of almost 1,400 motorists.

Here’s what the insurer found about first-borns:
  • 89% speed
  • 35% have been fined
  • 47% annoy other motorists by cutting
  • 46% admit hogging the middle of the road
  • 17% apply makeup while behind the wheel
  • 30% use mobile phones while driving

According to Privilege, all the above figures are higher compared to the rates for middle and youngest children. As for only children, they were found to be the least likely to cut and hog lanes. 

When it comes to accidents, 20% of eldest children had been involved in minor accidents while 11% had had major accidents – versus middle kids (15% and 7%) and the youngest (13% and 4%).

DriveXpert head Charlotte Fielding commented, as quoted by Daily Mail: “Younger drivers with DriveXpert policies are given a score based on their safe driving ability.”

She continued: “This technology can not only encourage safe driving and reward those who do so with lower insurance premiums, but can also help siblings decide once and for all who is best behind the wheel.”

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