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ACSO publishes new code of ethics

ACSO publishes new code of ethics | Insurance Business

ACSO publishes new code of ethics

“A visible public commitment.”

That is what the Association of Consumer Support Organisations (ACSO) is making through its new code of ethics.

The code, which intends to holds its 50 members to the highest standards of conduct, features “shared core principles of access to justice, competition and transparency, accountability, equality and diversity, innovation and technology, integrity and leadership,” according to executive director Matthew Maxwell Scott.

The code has been created with the support of the Institute of Business Ethics and sees members of the not-for-profit body commit to protecting and advancing the rights of customers in the civil justice system; helping support the highest industry standards; promoting and delivering the organisation’s objectives; and maintaining professionalism and integrity in contact with consumers and third parties.

“The claims sector is an important bulwark for the delivery of access to justice for millions of vulnerable consumers who, without our help, would struggle to gain redress,” said Maxwell Scott. “Consumers need confidence that firms who advise them are reputable, responsible and ethical, and I believe ACSO’s code is one measure to help build a higher degree of consumer trust.”