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Allianz Partners unveils health insurance enhancements

Allianz Partners unveils health insurance enhancements | Insurance Business UK

Allianz Partners unveils health insurance enhancements

Allianz Partners has rolled out improvements to its health insurance offerings.

Among the positive changes is the launch of Allianz Summit, which is a comprehensive international health plan for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

“This product was developed following Allianz Partners’ preferred partnership agreement with Aetna International earlier this year and is modelled on Aetna’s popular Summit product, with a number of enhancements,” noted the Allianz arm.

“Its modular structure and pre-set options offer flexibility, allowing clients to tailor a health plan to the needs of their employees. Members enjoy access to a host of support services, including a 24/7 multilingual helpline, a network of over one million medical providers globally, and a range of digital health and wellness tools.”

Distributed through the Allianz Care brand, Allianz Summit is available to SMEs in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Another enhancement introduced by Allianz Partners is the moratorium underwriting option for both individual and SME customers.

“With full medical underwriting, customers provide their full medical history and, based on an assessment of that information, there may be specific surcharges applied to their cover from the outset,” explained the insurance and assistance unit. “This form of underwriting is particularly beneficial for those with existing medical conditions.

“Moratorium underwriting is a generally faster process than full medical underwriting, as there are no medical forms to complete. Moratorium also takes the recurrence of an illness into account, allowing for more flexibility in the application.”

Allianz Partners added: “It offers the reassurance that as long as the person is symptom-free and has not needed any treatment or medical advice for a pre-existing condition for two consecutive years, cover will begin in the third year of their policy. This is expected to be a popular option among SMEs, as the onboarding of employees is much faster.”

Lastly, all Allianz Partners health insurance policyholders now have access to chat buddy and human coaching service Wysa. The app provides immediate, confidential mental health support at no additional cost.

“Our new Allianz Summit product and the provision of the Wysa app are both testament to the success of our preferred partnership agreement with Aetna International from earlier this year,” said Paula Covey, chief marketing officer for health at Allianz Partners. “Allianz Summit offers increased flexibility for SMEs and enables them to manage costs more efficiently as different options can be selected for different groups of employees.

“The Wysa app is a multi-award-winning solution, and its availability to all customers at no additional cost highlights the importance that we as a company attach to mental fitness and wellbeing. Meanwhile, the new moratorium underwriting health insurance option we’re providing allows for greater flexibility and a faster onboarding process when buying health insurance.”

Covey believes the enhancements demonstrate Allianz Partners’ commitment to “innovating with purpose” by continually improving services to policyholders.