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Aventum's David Bearman reveals a key highlight from his insurance career

Aventum's David Bearman reveals a key highlight from his insurance career | Insurance Business UK

Aventum's David Bearman reveals a key highlight from his insurance career

Being named as one of Insurance Business’s Global 100 2022 – an annual report shining a spotlight on professionals who are making a positive difference and helping drive change across the industry – was quite the surprise for Aventum Group CEO David Bearman (pictured). The team at Aventum have been working hard under the radar for the last 26 years, he said, and have never really been the type to shout about their achievements.

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“We’re a business that’s quietly going about building a successful entity,” he said. “So probably the key part to the recognition is [that] we’ve built something that’s authentic, and taken the time to do so with a great team of people. And part of that process was the rebranding and the unveiling to the world of the group back in May of last year. So, we probably raised the flag in terms of our profile and certainly that’s led to part of that recognition process.”

Looking back at his career to date – a career he kicked off at the tender age of 18 – Bearman said the launch and rebrand of Aventum Group was one of the highlights of his time in the industry. The group had backed and built a number of businesses, he said, bringing in a variety of individuals to start building out several specialty entities on both the broking and underwriting side.

“And we took a strategic decision to bring that under one entity, one group, one identity so we would be globally recognised and that’s the Aventum Group,” he said. “That was a great highlight to bring the whole team together in the midst of a difficult time in the pandemic, to launch what was Aventum Group on May 04, 2021.”

Now a year on from the decision to bring together its range of specialty businesses under the Aventum brand, Bearman feels strongly that the rebrand has been a significant success. Those businesses, both on the underwriting and broking side needed one identity, he said, and having that one identity has worked from both a client and market perspective.

“They now get Novus is a business [and] part of the Aventum Group, as is Consilium, as is Rokstone,” he said. “And they realise now obviously the size and the scale of the entity rather than just individually looking at potentially one business.”

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