Aviva unit to go off-grid

Installation secures approval

Aviva unit to go off-grid

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By Terry Gangcuangco

Aviva, which employs around 900 people in its office in Scottish city Perth, is about to make its Pitheavlis site self-sufficient energy-wise.

The insurer has been granted approval by Perth and Kinross Council to install a 77m wind turbine that will provide the office renewable energy as part of Aviva’s net zero aspirations.

“Installation of the turbine means that, when combined with existing solar and battery technology, 100% of Pitheavlis electricity demand will be met through renewable energy,” noted Aviva.

“The turbine, scheduled to be operational by the end of 2023, will generate up to 58.2m kWh over 25 years delivering an annual carbon emission saving of 386 tonnes. This is equivalent to the electricity required to power over 680 homes per year.”

Additionally, any surplus energy generated will either go to the on-site battery storage or be exported to the grid.

“When conditions are not appropriate for the turbine to run, any additional energy taken from the grid will be from certified renewable sources – in line with Aviva’s other offices and ambition to achieve net zero operations by 2030 and become a net zero company by 2040,” highlighted the company.

Other initiatives implemented by the Pitheavlis unit include the installation of one of the biggest combined solar carports and energy storage facilities in the UK. At present, it allows Aviva to take the site off the energy grid for five hours a day.

The Perth office also has 50 electric vehicle charging stations, as well as air-source heat-pumps.

“The approval of this [wind turbine] application is testament to Aviva’s ongoing commitment to tackle climate change right across our business,” stated group general counsel and company secretary Kirsty Cooper.

“It is also a proud moment for colleagues in Perth who have worked hard to see the office generate up to 100% of the electricity it needs to serve our customers and support Perth and Kinross Council in achieving their environmental aspirations.”

Also happy about the development is Perth and North Perthshire MP Pete Wishart, who is also Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs.

He declared: “Scotland is leading on tackling climate change with the most ambitious legal framework for emissions reduction in the world. So, it is good to see Aviva working to achieve net zero operations by 2030 and making their office in Perth an example of how it can be done.

“The addition of a new turbine will help Aviva to generate all of the electricity they need to run their operation and demonstrate a commitment to green energy, from one of the largest employers in Perth, while also supporting our ambition to be Europe’s first net zero small city.”     

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