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Brokers: the one question you must ask clients

Brokers: the one question you must ask clients | Insurance Business

Brokers: the one question you must ask clients
One simple question could help you forge stronger client relationships and ensure long-lasting loyalty – that’s the claim from one former broker who is now an industry-leading corporate advisor.

“One of the key behaviours that can exponentially reduce risk and build trust is actually asking a client – what are your expectations?” says Meiron Lees, who specialises in the areas of resilience, relationship building and behavioural change.

“When you meet a client for the first time, always ask what their expectations are, ask what they expect you to do, ask what they don’t expect you to do,” continues Lees.

“Then start every meeting afterwards with the same questions – ask them what their expectations are after today and what the ideal outcome would be.”

Lees – who has worked with a number of major insurers overseas including AMP, IAG and TAL – says brokers should then check back in at the end of the session to see if the client’s expectations have been met.

“Check in again and ask if there’s anything they wanted to cover that hasn’t been covered,” he urges. “Recall what was most important to them and ask if it was covered well enough or if they want to go over it again.”

While the measures may seem like obvious ones, Lees says a lot of brokers forget to ask about expectations because they make assumptions about what their clients want or need.

“The problem is that if those assumptions are incorrect, it won’t take long for the trust in the relationship to break down,” says Lees. “On the other hand, when expectations are met or exceeded, trust builds really quickly.”

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