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Brooklyn Beckham’s car insurance premium revealed

Brooklyn Beckham’s car insurance premium revealed

Brooklyn Beckham’s car insurance premium revealed Are you ready to feel old?

Most of us can remember when Brooklyn Beckham, the first child of David and Victoria Beckham, was born. The media hype was extraordinary – not least because he was openly named after the area in which he was conceived. However, get ready to pinch yourself because now that baby boy is 17 years old and has just passed his driving test.

Of course if your last name is Beckham you’re unlikely to do anything too “normal” in your life – so rather than driving around in an old Ford Fiesta like most 17-year-olds, Brooklyn has taken ownership of a brand new Mercedes C Class worth a cool £37,000.

Nice life, huh?

Well, perhaps not everything is rosy in the Beckham camp – because as a 17-year-old with a flashy and expensive new car he’s going to face some astronomical car insurance premiums.

Now, Admiral Insurance has decided to run a car insurance quote for Brooklyn, who is already a fashion photographer and model by the way. The quote was run based on his new car, the location of his family home in Holland Park, with his mother and father as named drivers and Brooklyn’s occupation listed as model.

In an effort to keep the cost in check, Brooklyn was given a 10-month bonus accelerator policy – but the premium still came out at a cool £7,269.55.

An Admiral spokesman said: “Insurance premiums are based on the risk someone presents that they will have an accident and make a claim. Unfortunately 17-year-olds are far more likely to be involved in an accident than other drivers.

“On top of this, a Mercedes C Class is not a cheap car to insure and given his background and associates, I’m afraid Brooklyn is looking at a hefty premium.”

Still, I’m pretty sure he can afford it, can’t you?

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