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Cadbury’s worker gets her tastebuds insured for £1 million

Cadbury’s worker gets her tastebuds insured for £1 million

Cadbury’s worker gets her tastebuds insured for £1 million It’s the sort of job you dream about as a child – a chocolate taste tester. However, for one expert who has just insured her tastebuds for an eye-catching £1 million there are some unique sacrifices to be made.

Hayleigh Curtis, part of the Cadbury innovation team, has insured her palate with Lloyd’s of London in what is one of the first policies of its kind, according to The Daily Mail.

She is part of a 300-strong team that creates new flavours for the iconic chocolate brand with Curtis telling the publication that “there is a lot of science that sits behind our chocolate innovation - from mouth feel to melting temperatures of chocolate - so with my tastebuds safeguarded I look forward to creating lots more deliciously tasting chocolate for years to come.”

Lloyd’s, of course, has built a reputation for offering unusual coverage, such as for the body parts of various celebrities. Jonathan Thomas, from the insurance specialist, told the publication that “this certainly adds to the mix!”

“The policy taken out with us on behalf of Cadbury demonstrates just how important innovation is to their brand and after seeing what Hayleigh gets up to in Bournville, we’re even more excited to see the new flavours on the horizon,” he added.

However, her insurance comes with some unique stipulations. It will only remain valid if she avoids hot curries, the poisonous fugu fish, chilli peppers and… sword swallowing.

I think I could live without the latter, don’t you?

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