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Ecclesiastical publishes education risk barometer report

Ecclesiastical publishes education risk barometer report | Insurance Business

Ecclesiastical publishes education risk barometer report

An in-depth study examining the immediate and emerging risks that schools face has been published by specialist provider Ecclesiastical, which insures more than 2,000 schools in the UK.

Designed to help brokers support their education clients, Ecclesiastical’s first education risk barometer entitled “Weathering the perfect storm: Risks and opportunities facing the education sector” highlights potential solutions and offers expert commentary from leading thinkers in the sector.

According to Ecclesiastical, managing mental health and wellbeing of pupils is the top short-term risk (one year) faced by teachers (33%), followed by cyberbullying among students (32%) and managing staff’s mental health and wellbeing (31%).

As for medium-term risk (three years), managing mental health and wellbeing of staff emerged on top (26%); while over the long term (five years), managing mental health and wellbeing of pupils (35%) is seen as key. It was also found that recruitment and retention of teachers is among the top risks in both the medium and long term.     

Meanwhile, 80% of teachers agree that risk management is vital to creating a safe environment at school but nearly the same percentage concede it adds significantly to their workloads. In addition,

63% of respondents said the volume of risks facing their school had increased in the past five years.

“Britain has an internationally renowned school system, full of committed and passionate individuals, but it is currently in the eye of the perfect storm,” commented Ecclesiastical education director Faith Kitchen.

“Increasing pressure on school staff and pupils to achieve the right grades is resulting in mental health and wellbeing challenges, against a backdrop of huge political and economic uncertainty. Moreover, they’re being faced with ever-increasing and complex compliance and duties.”

Kitchen described the report as an invaluable resource for brokers working with clients in the education sector.

“It’s important for brokers to understand the risks and issues facing schools so they can respond to their customers with greater empathy and knowledge, as well as providing informed support as they help their clients navigate their emerging risks,” she said.