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From the Yellow Pages to brokerage success

From the Yellow Pages to brokerage success

From the Yellow Pages to brokerage success Silent movies don’t play much of a role in today’s cinema thanks to the emergence of the audio visual industry that is able to combine music and sound with sight - indeed it’s hard to imagine a world without it.

And, of course, every industry needs insurance.

“We got involved in this area because 25 years ago we got a phone call from the Yellow Pages from someone who wanted this cover,” said Peter Tilsed, director of Luke Rowe. “At the time we had no experience in it but because we had this request we did our homework and got some suitable cover put together.”

Yellow Pages calls don’t occur too often these days – but that fateful phone call was all that was needed to kick start a specialism that has led Luker Rowe to be named among the top UK Specialty Brokerages in the UK.

Luker Rowe was initially formed more than 25 years ago by two former Royal & Sun Alliance employees. Since then there have been a few acquisitions, which included a broker with experience in the audio visual industry, while its experienced staff still remain with the company to offer guidance to this day.

 “We were initially approached by a company in the industry who we could see had totally inappropriate cover for the work they were undertaking,” continued Tilsed. “We therefore worked with an insurer to provide the wide cover that was needed. Following this we received recommendations and word spread that we were a broker who understood the business.”

Word of mouth has been vital in the growth of the business – with Tilsed admitting the company undertakes “only limited marketing”. Instead it focuses on getting out and meeting clients, such as by attending The Event Production Show, while focusing on offering a professional service.

“The core values remain unchanged [when dealing with this specialism],” Tilsed explains. “We provide a professional service which is advice led. The importance with any specialisation is to understand the industry with which you are dealing – and after 30 years we believe our knowledge is second to none.

“We are a Chartered Insurance Broker with quality staff that are highly trained. We provide a service to our clients.”

Tilsed is proud of the company’s ability to turn around claims quickly – pointing to settling a claim for more than £400,000 during the floods last year within six weeks of the loss. That, according to Tilsed, is an example that others can follow.
“It shows that when working with a good insurer and the correct cover, the industry can deliver,” he said.

Luker Rowe was named among the top UK Speciality Brokers in the UK. You can view the full list of specialists in different categories here and read Luker Rowe’s profile here.

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