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MCE Insurance reports 0% median gender pay gap… again

MCE Insurance reports 0% median gender pay gap… again | Insurance Business

MCE Insurance reports 0% median gender pay gap… again

It looks like MCE Insurance is a rare breed – reporting, for a consecutive year, an eye-catching median gender pay gap of 0%. That means, when comparing median hourly wages, the firm’s female employees earn £1 for every £1 that their male counterparts are paid.

“I’m incredibly proud of our gender pay gap – or lack of,” said people team manager Victoria Jackson. “It’s been a relatively simple journey – over 90% of our management population have been developed internally, and consistently in a gender-blind environment.

“We’ve also been accommodating to differing requirements – providing part-time hours, flexible working, and phased returns for all of our people.”

Citing recent data reported by the BBC, MCE Insurance pointed to statistics showing that only 9% of companies reported an absence of median gender pay gap. The majority (78%) revealed a difference favouring men; 13%, women.

The same report, which featured a lookup tool to search organisations and their corresponding pay gap information, noted an average pay gap of 22.85% in the finance and insurance industry.

Commenting on the numbers, MCE Insurance chief executive Julian Edwards stated: “While we are phenomenally pleased with these figures, especially when benchmarking them against our competitors – we are prouder to be an employer that hires the best people for the job, regardless of gender or any other factors.

“It’s a huge part of our identity as an authentic and transparent company.”