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One in three motorists anxious over rising traffic levels – insurer report

One in three motorists anxious over rising traffic levels – insurer report | Insurance Business

One in three motorists anxious over rising traffic levels – insurer report

With the pandemic lockdown restrictions slowly easing, a good number of drivers are feeling anxious about returning to the roads, a new report from Co-op Insurance has found.

According to the report, more than one in three (35%) British motorists are nervous and scared as roads become busier and gradually return to normal levels. Nearly four in 10 UK drivers (39%) admit that their main fear is other drivers being aggressive, with another 30% claiming their own driving skills are “rusty” and “out of practice.”

Co-op Insurance also revealed claims data it has recorded, observing a jump in claims relating to bumps and accidents from the week starting April 12 (when the second phase of lockdown restrictions were eased) compared to the week before. The finding highlights the increased risk of incidents as more drivers take to the streets.

The report also found that young drivers aged 16 to 24 years are the most anxious group to emerge from the pandemic. Eighty-four per cent (84%) of young drivers said that busier roads are a major concern for them, and another 32% said they have not been on a motorway during lockdown.

Other key findings of the report include:

  • 46% of women admit to being anxious about increased traffic levels, compared to 25% of men, with one in 10 females concerned about driving with a baby.
  • One in four car owners have not carried out basic car maintenance over the last six months.
  • 37% of British individuals say they plan to use less public transport than before pandemic.
  • 34% plan to invest in a car in the next 12 months – but only 15% are planning to buy a fossil fuel car.
  • 9% of respondents have already stopped suing a second car, 20% say they are considering stopping using a second car to save money, while 11% say they want to do so to reduce carbon footprint.

“It’s concerning to hear that many of the nation’s drivers feel anxious about busier roads and aggression from other drivers,” said Co-op Insurance managing director Charles Offord. “We’re urging people to reacquaint themselves with their car before embarking on longer journeys and to check that it has had all relevant checks and services.”

Offord added that motorists knowing their car is safe and roadworthy should offer them peace of mind and help boost their confidence.

“And it goes without saying that all motorists should show consideration to other drivers at all times,” the managing director stated.