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Pet peeves: ExoticDirect lists unusual insurance claims

Pet peeves: ExoticDirect lists unusual insurance claims | Insurance Business UK

Pet peeves: ExoticDirect lists unusual insurance claims
Worried that your pet snake isn’t eating? Or that that bearded dragon isn’t walking properly?

Fear not, there is just the right insurance for that.

ExoticDirect recently released their list of the most common pet insurance claims, and we list a few:
  1. The company recently paid £1,000 to the parent of an Albino Burmese python who was treated for anorexia, which means he stopped eating. The treatment involved having a camera go down his throat and having other tests made. Pets may stop eating due to a variety of reasons, which may include overgrown teeth, dehydration, stress and seasonal changes.

  2. Growths can sadly sometimes be cancerous. These include tumours and melanomas. But not all tumours are harmful; some are benign and completely harmless. In the case of a Tegu, for which the company paid a £1,000 medical bill, it involved the removal of two growths at his side and tail.

  3. Keep those grasses growing to keep gut stasis at bay, especially after a bunny racked up £426 in vet treatment costs. ExoticDirect advises that guinea pigs and hares be given enough hay and grass in their diets to stay healthy. 

  4. A bearded dragon has not been tippling but doctors suspected he was suffering from gout, so his parent was paid a claim of £585.

  5. Do those plants look too real? Real enough to be mistaken for the real deal? Well, keep your geckos away from them because they might think its food, which was the case with a Tokay Gecko, which needed £525 to have an operation for the removal of a fake plant.

“The range of conditions we see are far and wide – like with our human family members, you never know when you pet is going to get sick,” concluded ExoticDirect. “And nursing them back to health is your main concern.”

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