Top animal insurance claims revealed

We may love animals, but they can cause some extensive damage to our vehicles

Top animal insurance claims revealed

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By Paul Lucas

The UK is very much a nation of animal lovers, so when those unfortunate on-the-road accidents occur we’re often more worried about the animal we’ve struck than the damage it has done to our vehicle.

Still, that damage can be extensive – with new research from Saga highlighting that animals caused more than £600,000 in damage to vehicles driven by over 50s last year - a message for insurance brokers to ramp home the importance of coverage, especially for rural clients. 

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According to its research, deer are the biggest culprits – causing £360,000 worth of damage during the last 12 months.
However, the range of animal-related accidents is certainly far-reaching. Here are some of the more unusual examples. 

Badger beware

The insurer reported on one driver who was left with £2,400 in damage after a badger jumped out of the bushes and collided with his car. 

Deer oh deer

It’s no surprise to hear about expensive claims involving deer – but in one case a head-on collision left a customer’s car out of action with £4,000 in repair costs. 

Catch the pigeon

You might not think that a pigeon could do too much damage to a car, but one driver reported a pigeon flying across a motorway carriageway and colliding with his vehicle – leaving him with £1,000 in damage.

The wrong moo-ve

Here’s a tip: don’t park your car in a field full of cows. One driver did exactly that and when his dog started barking a frightened cow kicked out before running away – causing £1,000 in damage. 

Barking mad

One unfortunate driver was returning home when a dog ran out into the road. Unable to swerve, the policyholder hit the dog, deploying the air bags and leaving the vehicle with £2,500 in damage.

No horsing around

Another driver saw a horse gallop towards his vehicle as he made a trip to the shops. The bumper, wing mirror, headlights and door all suffered damage as a result - £5,000 worth in total.

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