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VPS Evander wins Insurance Claims Innovator of the Year

VPS Evander wins Insurance Claims Innovator of the Year | Insurance Business UK

VPS Evander wins Insurance Claims Innovator of the Year
VPS Evander has won the top prize in the insurance industry’s Award for Claims Innovation, Outsourced Partner category, according to a news release. The company, part of property management specialist VPS Group, won out over competition including the UK’s Davies Group, NYSE-listed Crawford and Company, and the Chartered Insurance Institute.

VPS Evander’s winning innovation, the Home Emergency Policy to Fulfilment (HEPTF) permanent repair initiative, has streamlined the claims process for its customers, the release said.

The company makes safe damaged windows, doors and chain locks across the home emergency insurance sector. Many home emergency insurance policies typically cover emergency temporary repair, but not permanent repair – meaning the customer is required to contact their insurer a second time to make a claim. VPS Evander created a direct initiative for permanent repair on as many as 15,000 emergency jobs per year, according to the release.

“Winning this award is a tremendous credit to our team, who have worked so hard to make a real difference to the lives of 30,000 insurance customers left distressed and vulnerable following a home emergency,” said Graeme Mutch, VPS Evander national account manager. “Our initiative offers a seamless customer journey to policyholders while effectively managing our insurer clients’ indemnity spend.”

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