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When weddings meet insurance

When weddings meet insurance | Insurance Business

When weddings meet insurance
It’s supposed to be the day you remember all your life for all the right reasons – but every now and then, there are less fortunate memories that will stick firmly in the mind. Yes, wedding season has arrived – and that doesn’t just mean more loved-up couples, it also means more insurance claims.

Offering wedding insurance is a significant niche for a broker – very few are willing to take on the claims for what is supposed to be a couple’s biggest day. However, those that do might be hoping for a close enough relationship with bride and groom that they will secure an invite – so they can keep an eye on proceedings and make sure those flying bouquets and slippery vol-au-vants don’t get out of control.

“Weddings are a fun and happy time for many, however, there are lots of opportunities for things to go wrong,” commented Kirsty Wainwright-Noble from Towergate. “To avoid the big day, turning into a series of big mistakes people must take care and businesses must make sure they have the right cover in place – just in case.”

Towergate has shone the spotlight on wedding day plight with new research revealing that 45% of Brits would claim against a business for personal injury at a wedding, while a third say they have seen a fight take place at a wedding event.

The research has revealed the top five causes of wedding injuries, with injuries from fights topping the list; followed by a bride’s train getting trapped or tripping over a guest; injury by champagne or vol-au-vants; injury from bouquet toss; and injury from a toppling wedding cake.

Most Brits said that the boozy hour between 12-1am is the most likely time for an accident or injury at a wedding to happen. What’s more, it is OAPs that are behaving badly while under the influence, with those aged 65+ more likely to have an accident (17%) between these hours than millennials (14%).

Of course while the survey, which also jokingly revealed that “Come on Eileen” is the song most likely to lead to injury at a wedding, was all in good fun, the risk for brokers is very real. So when you’re encouraging your clients to take out wedding insurance, perhaps it’s worth talking to them about limiting their guests’ alcohol consumption on the day too.

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