NFU Mutual highlights the silver lining following recent storms and downpours

Head of property claims delivers call to action

NFU Mutual highlights the silver lining following recent storms and downpours

Catastrophe & Flood

By Kenneth Araullo

In the wake of nearly £10 million in flood damage claims following Storm Henk, and as heavy rainfall persists across the UK, NFU Mutual is highlighting an opportunity for homeowners to enhance their property's defences against future flood incidents.

The mutual insurer is actively urging affected policyholders to pursue flood-resilient repairs, especially when such initiatives are supported financially by their insurance provider. The insurer highlights that adopting flood resilience measures does not necessarily entail significant expense.

In fact, NFU Mutual explains that simple modifications, such as elevating electrical outlets, using water-resistant materials for skirting and cabinetry, or opting for waterproof flooring, can substantially mitigate the impact of future floods at a relatively low cost.

The insurer is known for introducing an initiative in 2017 to support its home insurance policyholders affected by flooding. The initiative offers financial assistance for flood resilience improvements on damages exceeding £10,000, aiming to fortify properties against subsequent flood events.

To date, NFU Mutual has allocated over £1 million towards the adoption of flood resilience measures. The insurer is encouraging those recently affected by floods to consider implementing strategies to bolster their homes against severe weather conditions.

Sean Walkden, NFU Mutual's head of property claims, emphasised the importance of adopting a proactive approach to flood resilience.

“While it can be difficult to entirely prevent at-risk homes from flooding, making resilient repairs now can protect your property by reducing the disruption and damage caused by subsequent floods by thousands of pounds,” Walkden said.

Walkden's call to action also underscores the broader need for the UK to adapt to extreme weather conditions, aiming to safeguard properties and manage the financial implications of flooding more effectively.

“As a nation, we need to become more resilient to extreme weather events to better protect people and property, as well as controlling the cost of flooding,” he said. “A key part of that response must be making sure we adapt after a flood.”

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