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Aegon revises its charitable donations policy

Aegon revises its charitable donations policy | Insurance Business

Aegon revises its charitable donations policy

Aegon has refocused its policy when it comes to charitable donations.

Updating the group’s guidelines to align with its purpose of helping people achieve financial security as well as to reflect Aegon’s “responsible business” vision, the multinational insurer has identified two themes for its charitable initiatives.

These are financial security and education, and well-being and longevity. “These themes lie the closest to Aegon’s purpose and are close to the heart of the company,” stated the enterprise headquartered in The Netherlands.

Under the financial security and education theme, Aegon will support charities that promote financial education and financial literacy, as well as those that assist older people in gaining employment or starting a business.

The second theme, meanwhile, will see Aegon donate to charities that encourage physical fitness and mental vitality; delve into the likes of Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and cancer with the aim of promoting disease prevention; and upholding the establishment of liveable communities.

“By bringing more focus in its charitable donations guidelines, Aegon will stay true to its purpose, be able to create a better quality of life for the beneficiaries of the donations, and have a bigger impact on the wider community,” said the group.

“These guidelines will also help promote Aegon’s underlying Responsible Business vision to employees, customers, business partners, and other stakeholders.”