Mothers Rise Up holds climate protest against Lloyd's

'Mother Earth' performs

Mothers Rise Up holds climate protest against Lloyd's


By Terry Gangcuangco

Image credit: Ron Fassbender

‘Mother Earth’ took centre stage in a concert-like event held by climate-parent group Mothers Rise Up outside Lloyd’s in London to protest against the marketplace providing insurance for new fossil fuel projects.

“Our protest outside Lloyd’s today is upbeat and fun, but it has a serious message: stop insuring new fossil fuels,” said Mothers Rise Up’s Becky Ward on March 17 in an emailed release. “One billion children – nearly half the world’s children – are already at ‘extremely high risk’ of being impacted by the climate crisis, losing their homes, their family, their education, and their hopes for the future.

“Insurance is meant to offer protection, but by underwriting dangerous fossil fuel projects, Lloyd’s is putting our children’s future at risk.” 

According to the activist group – which gathered more than 50 people to support ‘Mother Earth’ – it has seen an insurance certificate supposedly confirming that Lloyd’s insures a Norwegian company that is currently conducting oil & gas exploration in the UK and Norwegian continental shelves.

“The insurance industry recognises the risks,” said Maya Mailer, also from Mothers Rise Up. “Yet even as it increases premiums to cover the cost of climate disasters – insurers like Lloyd’s continue to fuel the crisis, despite claiming to take the climate crisis seriously. Lloyd’s needs to change its tune and announce an end to insurance for all new fossil fuels.”

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