"Incidents like this demonise legitimate claimants"

Diner fakes choking by putting glass in her mouth

"Incidents like this demonise legitimate claimants"


By Terry Gangcuangco

The great lengths some people go to in a desperate attempt to claim insurance compensation can leave one shaking their heads in disbelief – from sawing off one’s hand to staging a collision or committing arson. Now here’s another extreme case: putting a piece of glass in your mouth while dining at a pub.

This was the scenario at a Judge Roy Beans branch in Newbridge. Thanks to CCTV documentation, the bid was foiled.

“This footage is a timely reminder of the type of personal injury incidents experienced by organisations all over Ireland and the crippling insurance costs they cause,” Irish Mirror quoted Alliance for Insurance Reform director Peter Boland as saying.

“Unsustainable insurance costs are now pervasive right across Irish society and threaten the ability of small businesses, charities, voluntary groups, sports and arts organisations and festivals to function or survive. Equally, incidents like this demonise legitimate claimants for whom insurance cover is intended.”

Meanwhile, if the statement of pub owner Vivian Carroll is anything to go by, it looks like the ‘caught on camera’ moment wasn’t really out of the ordinary.

“Sadly, this is typical of what I and many other publicans face on a weekly basis,” Carroll was cited as stating. “It’s clear from the footage that after hiding glass in her clothes, this person then deliberately places it in her mouth.

“She told a member of staff that the glass was in her food, which was obviously not the case. But if it wasn’t for security cameras, I could possibly have faced a massive claim.”


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