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Peach Pi launches insurance product for health and wellbeing SMEs

Peach Pi launches insurance product for health and wellbeing SMEs | Insurance Business UK

Peach Pi launches insurance product for health and wellbeing SMEs

Peach Pi, an insurance company which offers niche coverage products, is offering bespoke insurance coverage for freelancers and SMEs operating in the health and wellbeing sector.

The new offering, via a partnership between Peach Pi and managing general agent Tapoly, includes cover for professional indemnity, public liability and treatment risk. It also has an option to include employers’ liability.

“We are constantly monitoring the needs of our customers to ensure that we continue to provide new and innovative flexible commercial insurance products,” said Tapoly founder Janthana Kaenprakhamroy (pictured above).

Kaenprakhamroy commented that Tapoly identified a number of specialist and niche professions with the health and wellbeing sector that would value the option to buy insurance online; these professions included art therapists and even Zumba instructors. Tapoly then approached Peach Pi to develop a solution, Kaenprakhamroy said, since the insurer has “a real understanding both of the health and wellbeing sector and of our customers’ specific needs.”

Allison Hughes, Head of Distribution Peach Pi

“We established Peach Pi to work collaboratively with like-minded insurance professionals.  We are therefore delighted to be partnering with Tapoly to deliver a bespoke product that will meet the unique requirements of this specific set of community-based professionals,” said Peach Pi head of distribution Allison Hughes (pictured immediately above). “Our in-house team of legally qualified claims experts will work closely with Tapoly to deliver their customers the level of service they deserve to protect and empower their business ambition.”

The new product is available online through Tapoly’s technology platform. In addition to coverage, customers can also access Peach Pi’s claims service as part of the health and wellbeing insurance solution.

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Peach Pi previously introduced a similar insurance product for freelancers and SMEs in the lifestyle sector in March. The product is available through the Acturis platform for brokers.