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PolicyBee on why it is urging business owners to look after staff

PolicyBee on why it is urging business owners to look after staff | Insurance Business

PolicyBee on why it is urging business owners to look after staff

Digital insurance broker PolicyBee is using this particular time of the year to shine a spotlight on the importance of staff wellbeing.

With April being stress awareness month, the Suffolk-based firm has released the findings of its poll which draws attention to issues like stress-related absenteeism. According to PolicyBee, its survey of 100 people in the UK found that more than a third had pulled a sickie although they weren’t actually unwell while nearly a quarter of respondents had taken a sick day due to stress.

In addition, less than 50% of those polled had employers that offered employee benefits like health insurance, mental health support, and duvet days. It’s also worth noting that 73% believe an employee benefits package would make them happier at work while 94% are of the view that a good package adds to a prospective employer’s attractiveness.

“Our research has shown a significant number of people have taken sick days because of stress,” noted PolicyBee marketing head Dominique Fell-Clark (pictured). “This can be caused by many factors and it’s often hard to tell if an employee is feeling overwhelmed.

“From an employer’s point of view, it should be identified and addressed as soon as possible, so regular one-to-ones are important.”

Fell-Clark also emphasized that absenteeism for any reason can be a massive outlay for small businesses. 

“Its impact on productivity is significant and can put considerable pressure on the other staff in the office,” she stated. “This is why we are urging business owners to look after their staff this stress awareness month because the more you make your employees feel valued, the more invested they are in the success of the organisation.”

PolicyBee provides the health and wellbeing support package Equipsme to its staff. The coverage offers stress support as an optional benefit. Meanwhile the Equipsme proposition is also available to small- and medium-sized enterprises via PolicyBee and other distribution partners.