Brolly unveils new app feature

Tracking tool expands policy management offering

Brolly unveils new app feature


By Terry Gangcuangco

London-based insurtech Brolly has a new app feature called Assets.

Expanding its insurance policy management offering, Brolly has added a ‘life inventory’ tracking tool that will allow app users to “see a snapshot of different aspects of their life, such as where they live, transportation methods, and personal possessions, as well as link these to their insurance policies.”

The goal, according to the start-up, is to provide maximum visibility and control.        

“With so many areas of life to keep on top of, it’s easy to forget what you’re insured for and only realise you’re missing cover when you need to make a claim,” said Brolly founder and chief executive Phoebe Hugh.

“Nobody wants to spend two hours phoning around insurance companies to find out who your car is insured with. With Assets we give customers an easy way to organise their insurance to fit into their everyday lives.”

The free feature is now available to iOS users in the UK.


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