Best Insurance - Annual Calendar

5-Star Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Insurance Business America will showcase companies in the insurance industry that demonstrate effective DE&I programs that help foster change.

Survey OpenSep 12, 2022

Survey CloseSep 30, 2022

Top Specialist Wholesale Brokers

IBA's Top Specialist Wholesale Brokers will celebrate the industry's top specialist wholesale brokers

Survey OpenOct 17, 2022

Survey CloseNov 11, 2022

5-Star Workers Comp

IBA's 5-Star Workers Comp will celebrate companies in the workers compensation space not only with outstanding product offerings, but also first-class broker support and industry knowledge

Survey OpenNov 7, 2022

Survey CloseNov 25, 2023

Fast Brokerages

IBA's Fast Brokerages will identify the fastest-growing brokerages based on revenue, headcount figures and other growth milestones achieved over the past year

Survey OpenNov 14, 2022

Survey CloseDec 9, 2022

5-Star Wholesale Brokers and MGAs

IBA's 5-Star MGAs will identify the best wholesale brokers and MGAs in the industry across US as rated by producers

Survey OpenNov 21, 2022

Survey CloseJan 3, 2022

5-Star Cyber

IBA's 5-Star Cyber will celebrate companies in the cyber space not only with outstanding product offerings, but also first-class broker support and industry knowledge

Survey OpenJan 9, 2023

Survey CloseJan 20, 2023

Elite Women

IBA's Elite Women will spotlight women leaders who have been making their voices heard in the industry

Survey OpenJan 23, 2023

Survey CloseFeb 17, 2023

5-Star Construction

IBA's 5-Star Construction will identify the best construction carriers in US based on company performance that is measured on the basis of coverage, claims payment/processing speed, underwriting expertise, value for money, access to risk mitigation partners and other criteria

Survey OpenFeb 20, 2023

Survey CloseMar 3, 2023

5-Star Technology and Software Providers

Insurance technology is of major importance to the insurance and risk management industry and Insurance Business is researching which technology and software are of the greatest use to the industry.

Survey OpenFeb 27, 2023

Survey CloseMar 10, 2023

Top Brokers (previously Top Producers)

Insurance brokers from across the country are invited to enter for a place on this prestigious report which will rank America's best all-around brokers according to their performance in the 2021 and 2022 calendar years.

Survey OpenMar 6, 2023

Survey CloseMar 31, 2023