The Iroquois Group

Independent agencies of all sizes join Iroquois to increase revenue, profits and agency value through the most flexible network model. Iroquois has a field team of almost 50 Regional Managers and Managing Partners, who enable the development of deep relationships with member agencies. Iroquois intentionally works with a group of core carrier-partners, allowing them to drive more profitable growth to those carriers and, in turn, receive exceptional compensation to members' benefit. In 2020, Iroquois members wrote over $370 million on a base of $1.7 billion, making the group very attractive to carriers looking for profitable growth. Iroquois stays true to their value statement in every interaction with members and carriers, bringing a genuine and personal touch to each interaction.


Company Name:

The Iroquois Group


Head Office Address:

PO Box 806, Olean, NY 14760


Telephone No.:



[email protected]








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