Great Lakes General Agency

Great Lakes General Agency, Inc. (GLGA) is an independent wholesale broker, managing general agent and program manager that has specialized in commercial transportation insurance for 30+ years.

With 550+ combined years of transportation underwriting experience, GLGA’s team of experts provides clients with tailored solutions to fit their unique business needs. GLGA takes pride in the strength of its insurance company relationships and ability to produce industry-leading profitability for carriers. This success is attributed to underwriting discipline and a true partnership mentality.

One of GLGA’s advantages is its diverse people, and the company is fortunate to have longevity in both its employees and leadership team. The company hires with care because people remain for the long term. While GLGA’s staff has nearly doubled in size in the last five years, what hasn’t changed is the family environment. Leaders offer guidance and empower employees to take ownership of their role and accountability for results. Coworkers support each other and collaborate to solve business challenges. Differing perspectives are appreciated. Learning and development are encouraged, whether it is underwriting training, trucking conferences, or tackling a challenging stretch assignment. This results in loyal, engaged employees who are dedicated to their customers, and who deeply care about GLGA and its future.

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Great Lakes General Agency

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761 Beta Dr, Unit V Cleveland, OH 44143

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